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I am honored this year to have the Ashtabula Dream Center as my official charity where 100% of your donation goes to the charity. Race Across America requires focused training, perseverence and dedication. It costs approxmately $15,000 to fund all of the logistics for a solo rider.Please contribute, if you can, by helping support awareness for the Challenged Athletes Foundation or by becoming a timestation sponsor.

The Ashtabula Dream Center - Official Charity for 2016

Contribute to the 2016 Race Effort!

2016 - Shoot for the Stars!

I really like the idea of inspiring people to test their limits. I shoot for the stars and hope I come back with a planet or a moon. Sometimes I miss all together. Not to be discouraged, I will always keep trying, I will always shoot for the stars as long as I am able!  Click on the NEWS tab above for results from 2015.

Never Give Up!

"It's impossible.", said pride.
"It's risky.", said experience.
"It's pointless.", said reason.
"Give it a try.", whispered the heart.

2016 Race Schedule:

Dr. Riopelle - Stem Cell Joint Rejuvenation

"When I think I am too old, I am inspired by women like Dara Torres and Diana Nyad. I realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to do."
- Seana Hogan

BIANCHI Infinito CV - Seana's 2016 racing bike.

An Inspiration in the Cycling World for Over 20 Years.

Her never say never attitude has lead her to major lifetime accomplishments.  This perseverance has taken her to several world records in cycling.  Most notably she has broken the women's transconinental cycling record twice, first in 1994 and second in 1995.  Seana has shown time and time again that with a dream, a goal, a good plan and hard work, anything can be done. 


"Seana Hogan has been one of the most significant competitors in the Race Across America, as well as one of the most thoughtful and supportive participants in the world of ultra-marathon cycling. Her dedication to the sport was always on the highest of professional planes. She took the sport seriously, trained and prepared professionally, and raced with the intensity deserving our great race. Anyone who ever rode with Seana could not help but think "wow, this must be a very serious and professional sport." To that end Seana is exemplary." -- Michael Shermer, co-founder of RAAM and the UMCA