"When I think I am too old, I am inspired by women like Dara Torres and Diana Nyad. I realize that I can do whatever I put my mind to do."
- Seana Hogan

Seana began riding her bike for transportation.

Seana has always ridden a bicycle like most kids growing up in California. When she was younger and a swimmer she would ride her bike to swimming practice; she was a competitive swimmer from the time she was 4 until she was 16 years old. In college, at San Jose State University, she used her bike for transportation. Likewise, when she went to graduate school at UC Berkeley, her bike commute to school was 20 miles round trip.

Her first double century lead to more.

In 1989, after earning her BA and MS in Mathematics, she started working for IBM as a software Engineer. She began riding with a group of co-workers after hours. One thing lead to another and she rode her first century with friends from this work group. Not long after her first son, Alex, was born she completed her first double-century in Davis California in 1991. She was hooked on long distance cycling.

So what was the leap from her first double to ultra-cycling racing like the Race Across America?

The leap to Ultra-marathon bike racing was quick.

Well, a month after the Davis Double in 1991 a friend of Seana's, who was training for RAAM, invited her to ride the 300-mile option of the LA Wheelman's Grand Tour; he planned to ride the 400-mile option. She rode the first three hundred and said, " I do not want to sit in the van for 6 hours, I will ride too.". She finished 'the quad' in less than 24 hours. Not bad!

A major crash threatens plans.

As word spread of what she had done, friends encouraged her to race in the RAAM qualifier, RAAM Open West (later to become the Furnace Creek 508). She set her sights on that race, she had until the end of October of that year (1991) to train. All went well until a fateful night in late July. Seana was on a moonlight training ride over Mt. Hamilton in San Jose, California. There was a group of about five riders that went up the mountain that evening. Once they got to the summit all but Seana and her friend Don descended back to their cars. Seana and Don decided to take the long way home and descended the backside; this ride would have been 110 miles long, but was cut short by a very serious accident. While descending Seana hit a rock and crashed. She woke up in the ICU; she had broken eight ribs, she broke her clavical and she fractured her pelvis. Her dreams of qualifying for RAAM appeared to be dashed.

Seana goes on to win her first RAAM

But...this did not keep her down. Four weeks after the crash, she was in the pool swimming laps; two weeks later she was on her indoor trainer. She went on to win the women's division and sixth place overall at RAAM Open West in October 1991. Her RAAM career had begun. She won her first RAAM in July 1992.

She lives a multi-faceted life.

Seana is married to Pat Enright, they have two boys, Alex, 24 and Austin 14. She has worked as a software engineer for IBM for 26 years. Seana earned a BA in Mathematics from San Jose State University and a Masters degree in mathematics from UC Berkeley. Seana has two dogs and works from her home on twenty acres in the Sierra foothills of California.